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23 March 2015 Author :  

It is an established fact through a  United Nations finding that Igbo language has become one of the indigenous languages that is “trending towards extinction'.

The major reason for this disturbing research result could be attributed to the natural tendency of an average Igbo indigene to adapt easily to the dominant global cultures  as part of the quest for educational and economic opportunities. Though it is a praise- worthy attribute to model oneself to the positive aspects of any new environment, it should nevertheless be done at the expense of the distinct identifiable and adorable natural gift of a person encapsulated in his/her native language and culture.

 A native language, as the essence of an individual, is the crucial link of connection to self-identity in a family, community, and society. Therefore, when a language is lost, it means a loss of culture and identity since 'our language is our identity and badge of honor to wear forever'.

Moving forward, the steady decline in spoken igbo language should be URGENTLY  arrested to avoid Igbo children becoming a "lost battalion" in IGBO NATION or foreign lands. Arguably, any child who cannot communicate in or appreciate the God-given language and culture of his/her parents, will regrettably be lost and/or confused within a very short TIME period in a foreign land. 

As part of the tangible solution to the catastrophic consequences of a lost language to the Igbo nation, the Mother Tongue Academy (MTA), in making hay while the sun shines, has created an easy and fast ONLINE METHOD through which Igbo language could be learnt and spoken by any interested person. Our unique Trade Mark method involves  the use of only the first five (5) Igbo Alphabets,  namely  A, B, CH, D, E and borrowing "M" to teach spoken Igbo within one (1) hour interval. 

Finally, to translate our Igbo language teaching model into action, we at Mother Tongue Academy invite you to use our technique in  teaching our children, youths and our foreign families  Igbo language and culture, especially now that they may be bored at home due to school closures and lock down or while they are “hungry” and can still be taught core values! 




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