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Once again, the Father's Day Ceremony, punctuated by Happy Father's Day Wishes, Dinners and gifting is upon us all. I wish every Igbo father out there a happy event. However, I wish to remind them that this Father's day should be a rest button for for all of us to start teaching our children Igbo Language, Culture and Values.

Ndigbo  find their home in a rich and fertile crescent created by the lower Niger River, predominantly within South-Eastern and a minority in South-Western Nigeria. Their population is  presently estimated to approximate  forty(40) to fifty five(55) million people around the globe.

The Igbo homelands are probably one of the most densely populated regions in Africa. Ndigbo are avid travelers who migrate to many nook and crannies of Nigeria and beyond fearlessly without  a modicum doubt for success.

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