(3B) - Beauty, Bright and Brainy (All Igbo Attribtes for Ụmụ Nwaanyị Igbo)

29 June 2020
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In terms of looks, it is hard to distinguish an Igbo on the basis of looks alone. But one acceptance is that Ndigbo are generally considered nice looking. Many stretch it that their men stand out as handsome while their females are stunningly beautiful (Asamkpete nwaanyị ọma or omalicha ụmụ nwaanyị). These elegantly beautiful ladies are also highly educated and make up the cornerstone of most families  by their high octane fields of academic accomplishments as Accountants, Administrators, Case workers, Educators, Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Interior Designers, Seamstresses, Home makers, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Authors and Movie Stars. Ever heard about Nolly Wood?

No culture comes close to Igbo women who are also  moral GPS for each family as conservative and religiously endowed wives and mothers juggling parenthood with economic terrains for  family stability and growth. Igbo women are high achievers and it is no stretch to conclude no females of any culture comes  close second to them.



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